Pearl Harbor - The Commanding Officer of the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Louisville (SSN 724) Commander Lee P. Sisco is conducting a Namesake City Visit to Louisville, Kentucky from February 7 – 9, 2010.  Accompanying him is his senior enlisted advisor, also called the chief of the boat, Senior Chief Yeoman (Submarines) Savan Patel.  Having just taken command a month ago, the purpose of this visit is to meet with a wide variety of Louisville, Kentucky organizations, supporters, and government officials to foster the continuing relationship between the submarine and its namesake city.

According to Commander Sisco, “these types of visits are mutually beneficial to both the Navy, the Submarine Force, the USS Louisville, and the namesake city itself.  For the Navy and the Submarine Force, it provides an opportunity for the general public to meet with Sailors from the ship firsthand and learn about the important roles and missions the ship conducts in support of our nation’s defense as well as providing a venue to reach potential Navy recruits.  For the USS Louisville and its Sailors, it provides them the opportunity to thank their namesake city for the support they provide to the ship as well as to learn more about the city itself and its citizens such that they have an even greater commitment towards serving their country and increasing their desire to honor the city their warship is named after through superior performance.  Lastly, for the city of Louisville itself, its citizens are provided a rare glimpse into the secretive world of the submarine force’s ‘silent service’ and gain a sense of pride in their own city knowing that there are great patriots out there honoring the City of Louisville, Kentucky through their daily sacrifices required to effectively operate such a complex warship.”

The USS Louisville (SSN 724) is homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and is making preparations for a regularly scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific later this year.  The USS Louisville was recently recognized by Commander, Submarine Squadron Three as having the highest level of readiness in the area of Damage Control for the year 2009.  Additionally, the ship’s Senior Sailor of the Year, Logistics Specialist (Submarines) Joseph Watts, was also named as the Sailor of the Year for Submarine Squadron Three.

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