USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) (Gold) Change of Command

Naval Base Kistap-Bangor, WA - Cmdr. Joseph Nosse formally relieves Cmdr. Ben Pearson III as commanding officer of USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) (Gold), February 19, 2010. This photo may not be re-used.

Courtesy Navy NewsStand.

By Lt. Kellie Randall, Commander, Submarine Group 9 Public Affairs

BANGOR, Wash. (NNS) — USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) (GOLD) held a change of command ceremony at Naval Base Kitsap, Feb. 19.

Cmdr. Benjamin Pearson was relieved as the commanding officer of Kentucky by Cmdr. Joseph Noose.

With the traditional reading of orders and a heartfelt goodbye to the Sailors he commanded, Pearson turned over his boat and crew.

While under Pearson’s command, Kentucky was awarded the Battle Efficiency Award (Battle “E”) from Commander, Submarine Squadron 17. They were chosen above 6 other squadron boats.

According to Pearson, winning the Battle “E” and helping grow the crew into who they are today are his greatest accomplishments as commanding officer.

“The best part of being the commanding officer of Kentucky was being able to watch the crew grow,” said Pearson. “I will miss the camaraderie and the shared experiences.”

Master Chief Machinist’s Mate Scott Moore, chief of the boat, praised Pearson’s leadership.

“Cmdr. Pearson’s leadership style is empowering, he solicited ideas through positive and open communication,” said Moore. “His approach resulted in participation at every level, exceptional operational and inspection results, and the development of future leadership.”

Noose most recently served as the director for Submarine Special Operations and Irregular Warfare, Commander Submarine Force.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to lead 142 of the Nation’s best and brightest in a variety of dynamic submarine operations,” said Noose.

Pearson’s next assignment will be as the deputy commander, Commander, Submarine Development Squadron 5 in Bangor.

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